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We have programmed for a variety of occasions, from regular comedy nights to theatre festivals. Whatever your event, we can assist you in ensuring you have consistently high quality work on the stage.

We regularly program for venues in Leicester Comedy Festival, and have been nominated for two years running for Best Promoter in the festival awards.



Discerning Nights have produced a monthly stand-up night, programmed our comedy festival and has run courses within our educational offering.

Great to work with, always enthusiastic and very well connected in their fields of expertise.

David Bell

Director, Upstairs at the Western

Natural flair for programming, mixing priorities for our organisation with challenging audiences with something new. They understand what works in terms of audiences and our facilities, but always willing to take risks.

Our comedy festival programme is now the healthiest it has ever been.

John Kirby

Programmer, Attenborough Arts Centre

If you’re interested in working with us to put on an event, or you need someone to program shows at your venue/festival, get in touch now.

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